Thursday, August 04, 2016

Harvard Men's Tennis Newsletter

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Dear HMT,
We are approaching the 110th season of Harvard Men's Tennis with great excitement.  Yes - we've been around that long. Actually, the Harvard Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1881, which makes us really old. One year later, the board of the HLTA would help start the USLTA. 

Campus is buzzing with all the preparations for the incoming freshmen (and their parents) when they move-in to the dorms on August 23rd. This year we are welcoming four new players into our family: Lucas Koelle from Brazil, Galen Lee from Atlanta, Lane Leschly from Atherton and Logan Weber from Raleigh.  They were rated as the #7 recruiting class in the country by  To read more about the rookies you can check out the latest press release here.  

Summer of 2016:
What have Dave and I been doing all summer?  Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting... 

Thanks for all your contributions to the team!  We had a banner fundraising year and now are living high on the hog! Just kidding - Hertz upgraded us for free and we even shared a hotel room (ear plugs to block out the snoring). This photo was taken on our trip to Coronado in San Diego to visit a top recruit and his family.  Imagine Fishy driving this muscle car and not breaking the speed limit! I had to take over behind the wheel and let the Mustangs ride.  We are off to Kalamazoo this weekend and will be sure to send a photo from the hallowed grounds. 

Father-Son National Championships at Longwood

Congratulations to Samuel and Adam Beren on finishing fifth at Longwood. Great accomplishment in a tough draw. Also, well done Richie and Jay Lee for competing as well.  Jay is only twelve and they won their first round match! Harvard Tennis could field some excellent father-son teams including the Seavers, Sands, Pompans, Leschlys, and Thorntons... to name only a few. 

Summer Weddings: 

Congratulations to Shantanu Dhaka '07 and Erica Annon for their amazing wedding last weekend in Essex, CT.  The newlyweds are enjoying a honeymoon in Bermuda before returning to Brooklyn, NY. We had a great group of tennis alums who celebrated in style: Max Tedaldi, Caleb Gardner, Shantanu, Jason Beren, Gideon Valkin and Andrew Rueb.

Best from Boston,
Andrew and Dave


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