Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Harvard Men's Tennis Newsletter: A New Season Begins...

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Dear Harvard Men's Tennis,

With Labor Day behind us, Harvard is in full swing and the yard is buzzing with excitement. The Freshmen
are beginning to find their way around campus (where is Vanserg Hall?!*) and we had our first practice only a week ago. Below are some photos documenting the kick-off to the 2016-17 school year.  If you are having problems viewing these images, you can click on the link above the email.  

This weekend is our first fall tournament at Harvard.  We are hosting the "Chowder Fest" with Illinois, Texas A&M and Notre Dame.  Come out and watch the some great tennis.  Harvard will be playing at 1pm on Friday. On Saturday, the singles will take place at noon followed by the doubles shoot-out from 3-5:30pm with all teams competing simultaneously.  Finally on Sunday, the Crimson will be in action around noon.  Most matches will likely be outdoors at the Beren Tennis Center.  (Indoors at Murr if rain.) 

Some images from the first few weeks on campus... 

1. Lane Leschly moved into Hollis 15 to find this list of former students who have lived in his room.  Note 1821 - Ralph Waldo Emerson.  And 1821, John Adams, a relation to the former President.  Some big shoes to fill... 


2. Freshmen Lunch with all the families at Spangler at HBS. 


3. Congrats to Lane Leschly who received the National Bill Talbot Sportsmanship Award at the US Open!  He joins a long list of Harvard players to win this prestigious award including Xavier Gonzalez, Andrew Ball, Shaun Chaudhuri, Spencer Vegosen and Ashwin Kumar.  


6. The sun sets on our first practice.   Thanks for all your support to make this season a reality.  Hope to see many of you at the matches this year.  





Coach Andrew and Dave 


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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dave's charity bike ride for AIDS orphans

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Ceboride 2016 – It's time for a fresh start!


Hi, Friends and Family, Colleagues, and Friends of Harvard Tennis:


For new HMT (Harvard Men's Tennis) subscribers, Ceboride is a small charity bike ride undertaken to benefit the children of Sarnelli House, an orphanage in Thailand for orphaned and/or abandoned AIDS children, run by Father Mike Shea.  This will be our (my wife, Bonnie, and I) 9th time making the trek, either on the East Coast or in person with the other Cebo-riders in Wisconsin.  Since its inception in 2002, it has raised more than $800,000.  Due to this success - really due to your generosity - Father Mike has been able to continue buying the AIDS medication, and to cover the cost of food, daily living supplies, and expensive hospital trips.


Past donors to Ceboride have already heard from Sarnelli House or Ceboride organizations (you can now contribute online at!)  The actual ride in Wisconsin occurred in July, but since Bonnie had her hip replaced on February 15, we've delayed "Ceboride East" a few more weeks! She's back to full speed now, so we're itching to hit the road.


So many of you have kindly responded to this appeal in previous years.  We would be grateful for your support again.  


As the reality of not having trained enough this summer sets in, Bonnie and I are looking for anything we can find to get us through this ride!  What will again most sustain us is the hope that we, in a modest way (and with your help if you are so inclined), might lessen the suffering of kids incomparably less fortunate than us.


Contributions now (hallelujah!) can now be made easily online! Please don't wait for a better world or a better day.


God bless.


Bonnie & Dave


P.S. A little recap for those who are new and for our veteran "donors" who might like a refresher.


Each year since the CeboRide was started in 2002, the treatment for AIDS infected kids has gotten better, but also has become more expensive.  The ride is named after Cebo, a little girl who stole the hearts of Molly, who with her husband had volunteered to help their Uncle Mike (Father Mike) at Sarnelli House in Thailand, which he has run for 30+ years.   Molly is our daughter-in-law Katie's sister, who sadly lost her husband Mike  (Bonnie's youngest son) at 43 to cancer last summer.  


The first bike ride raised over $17,000 and gave Father Mike the ability to buy antiretroviral AIDS drugs.  Before the ride, children were dying of TB and AIDS.  Since that date, Sarnelli House has enabled hundreds of kids to make it.  The strength Cebo demonstrates as she battles the complications from living with AIDS continues to be the inspiration of the ride.


There are currently 165 children who live in five different homes at Sarnelli house and another 57 kids in their Outreach Program.  Times are very rough and the need has never been greater.  Sarnelli House receives no help from the Thai government and relies on the CeboRide and its faithful coterie of riders and sponsors (YOU!).  The kids and Father Mike can only repay you with their prayers, gratitude and love.


Riders in Wisconsin will bike from dawn to dusk, riding for Cebo and all of the other children who can't bike the distance.  It is a wonderful experience for all the riders, who treat one another as Cebo would… and laugh a lot as Cebo does (I do give Bonnie some good laughs…).  We all bike for a better life for the children at Sarnelli House and a few more birthday parties in their lives.   We already know that all of us together have literally made a difference in their lives.  



To any potential Harvard recruits: do not respond to this appeal, no matter how much you would like to help!  It would be a no-no from an NCAA perspective.

Please don't include me in future emails.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Harvard Men's Tennis Newsletter

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Dear HMT,
We are approaching the 110th season of Harvard Men's Tennis with great excitement.  Yes - we've been around that long. Actually, the Harvard Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1881, which makes us really old. One year later, the board of the HLTA would help start the USLTA. 

Campus is buzzing with all the preparations for the incoming freshmen (and their parents) when they move-in to the dorms on August 23rd. This year we are welcoming four new players into our family: Lucas Koelle from Brazil, Galen Lee from Atlanta, Lane Leschly from Atherton and Logan Weber from Raleigh.  They were rated as the #7 recruiting class in the country by  To read more about the rookies you can check out the latest press release here.  

Summer of 2016:
What have Dave and I been doing all summer?  Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting... 

Thanks for all your contributions to the team!  We had a banner fundraising year and now are living high on the hog! Just kidding - Hertz upgraded us for free and we even shared a hotel room (ear plugs to block out the snoring). This photo was taken on our trip to Coronado in San Diego to visit a top recruit and his family.  Imagine Fishy driving this muscle car and not breaking the speed limit! I had to take over behind the wheel and let the Mustangs ride.  We are off to Kalamazoo this weekend and will be sure to send a photo from the hallowed grounds. 

Father-Son National Championships at Longwood

Congratulations to Samuel and Adam Beren on finishing fifth at Longwood. Great accomplishment in a tough draw. Also, well done Richie and Jay Lee for competing as well.  Jay is only twelve and they won their first round match! Harvard Tennis could field some excellent father-son teams including the Seavers, Sands, Pompans, Leschlys, and Thorntons... to name only a few. 

Summer Weddings: 

Congratulations to Shantanu Dhaka '07 and Erica Annon for their amazing wedding last weekend in Essex, CT.  The newlyweds are enjoying a honeymoon in Bermuda before returning to Brooklyn, NY. We had a great group of tennis alums who celebrated in style: Max Tedaldi, Caleb Gardner, Shantanu, Jason Beren, Gideon Valkin and Andrew Rueb.

Best from Boston,
Andrew and Dave


Please don't include me in future emails.