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Highlights of the Fall of '15: Bulldog Scramble

Freshmen Andy Zhou from NorCal

Here are a few highlights from the fall season including our most recent trip to Athens, GA for the Bulldog Scramble.  It was a great weekend on the hallowed grounds of college tennis.  Many of our players had never visited Athens and did not know the history of the NCAA Tournament and Dan McGill (or the Kim Basinger lights and the sorority team hosts...).  Mr. McGill passed away a few years back but his legend continues to this day.  Manny Diaz has been leading the Bulldogs for some time and keeping them near the top of the standings.   
Over the weekend, we competed against some of the best teams in the country such as Oklahoma, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Georgia Tech and Georgia.  For those of you who are not following the top 20 polls as often as we do, the Oklahoma Sooners have finished #2 the last two years led by Coach John Roddick (older brother of Andy and Georgia star of the late 90s).
There were some great wins.  A special shout-out to Andy Zhou and Brian Yeung as well as Sebastian Beltrame and Kenny Tao for going 3-1 in doubles play.  Here is a link to the full article. 
Jez Green – Strength and Conditioning Guru

Jez was the former trainer for Andy Murray for nearly the last decade and now works with Berydch and the rising star, Sasha Zverev.  He has been a consultant in our strength program for the past three years and has made a huge difference in mapping our overall plan and shaping the direction for the future training.  Eric Butorac made the introduction to Jez a few years ago and we have been so lucky to learn from his expertise.  His insights into the latest training methods have prepared us for the increasing demands of the modern game. We've come a long way from the old gym in Casey Cage and the ITT.   Here is a great interview with Jez speaking about Harvard Tennis.

There will be more updates soon about some of the summer weddings as well as personal stories from current team members.  Stay tuned!  

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Andrew Rueb and Dave Fish


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