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Dear Harvard Tennis Family,


The end of Harvard fiscal year is upon us.  You know what to do.  Now is the time to step up to the short ball and finish off the point.  The link to donate is here.  Just select "Varsity Sports" from the Athletics Designation tab and select "Tennis" from the drop down menu.   If this simple reminder does not nudge you to give – please read below.


As coaches, we know that each player learns differently – some are visually learners, others need to be pushed, and still others need positive reinforcement.  Our job is to connect and speak to you individually, in your language.  For the purposes of this mass email, we offer you three different pitches – choose the one that suits you.


Soft (Emotional) Sell:

Read Shaun Chaudhuri's reflections of his four years at Harvard on the tennis team and remember the warm-fuzzy feelings of being back in college. 


Medium (Logical) Sell:

Here are some of our top priorities!  We need your help.


1.     Win the Ivy League and bring back the trophy to Cambridge where it belongs!  One step to accomplishing this mission is increasing our budget for recruiting.  We need your support to cover the gap from what the department provides. 

 2.     Jack Barnaby no longer drives us to spring break in North Carolina.  We fly – and it is expensive.  We continue to play the best teams in the country and these trips provide our players exposure, competition and opportunities to learn and grow.  This fall we are traveling to Texas A&M as well to Georgia for the Bulldog Invite and to William and Mary.  In the spring, we are going to the ITA Kick-Off at TCU, Nashville to play Vanderbilt and Memphis, as well as Spring Break in San Diego.  Several of these trips will include the entire roster.

3.     Strength and Conditioning consulting with Jez Green - one of the world's leading experts on training for tennis.  Jez worked for many years with Andy Murray and is now traveling with Thomas Berdych.  He provided a valuable boost in our program and is helping us to build these young boys into men. 


4.     Heart rate watch.   WHOOP is a new company that is making heart rate watches for high-end athletes like the Navy Seals, European football clubs, pro-sports teams.  Started by a Harvard squash player, these watches provide detailed information about sleep, recovery, rest, and workout strain, as it is the only watch that can measure heart rate variability – the best measurement of recovery.  We look forward to tracking our players throughout the season and mining the data for trends in our training, matches and especially monitoring players' sleep. 



Hard Sell (Dirty Harry approach) :

Think of all the great memories of van rides, spring break trips, Fish's endless metaphors, your teammates, the wins and loses…  And remember someone paid for all of that.  Now it is your turn.  If I wanted to go push harder, I would remind you that you might never have entered Johnson Gate in the first place without the support of the coaches.  Did you like Harvard?  Did it help your career?  Give back.  


Thanks for all of your support!


All the best from Cambridge,

Andrew and Dave

Dave Fish
Scott Mead Family Head Coach of Men's Tennis
Harvard University Dept of Athletics
Murr Center
65 N. Harvard St.
Boston, MA 02163
GoCrimson Men's Tennis website
Harvard Men's Tennis blog

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