Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hi, Harvard Tennis fans...I'm being interviewed on a radio show tomorrow at noon. You might find it interesting.


Chuck Kriese, Hall of Fame coach, now retired from Clemson, and Director of Tennis at the Junior Tennis Champions Center in College Park, MD hosts an internet radio show "American Tennis with Chuck Kriese".   Last August 1, 
Chuck interviewed me about Universal Tennis Ratings (www.universaltennisratings.com).  The listenership for this show doubled the show's previous record.  Universal Tennis Ratings, an ever-growing "global" system that rates players, including Americans, from the pros to juniors, against the whole field internationally, has been tested by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association over the last two years, with great results.  The movement to use UTR to rate American players at all levels has become a grassroots "wave" that seems to keep growing  daily.

Tomorrow's show will be about a sister concept called Metro(politan) Tennis Co-ops (MTCs for short!), which have only recently become possible to build in cities throughout the country using the new tool of Universal Tennis Ratings.  Many now believe MTCs represent the greatest single point of leverage that we have for improving American tennis.   

If you'd care to play hooky from your jobs for a little while at noon, please listen in.  The more the merrier.

Feel free to call in if the urge hits.  We'd like to keep the Wave going!


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