Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ceboride 2011 - We made it!

Ceboride 2011 - It's done!
Thanks to all of you who have already made a donation to Sarnelli House for Ceboride. To those who have the urge, but haven't quite gotten around to it, you can still help!
Yup, we made it. You haven't given in vain!
Last Saturday's ride was probably our biggest challenge as far as the route (if you don't count thunderstorms, tornado warnings, flat tires that had to be fixed by yours truly, who has trouble with anything mechanical (!) that have challenged us in past Ceborides.
We had abandoned our previous year's route of the Heartbreak Hills of the Boston Marathon, unable to the thought of again having to go through 140 stoplights. Instead, we looked for a suitable route within driving distance (hoping in vain that we might also find a less hilly route), and perhaps the excuse to get away for a weekend, and see some Bonnie's son and family. This time we had planned a route along the Connecticut River Valley from Lyme, NH, winding in a "figure eight" into Vermont and back into New Hampshire several times across the beautiful Connecticut River…the same path used by the famous Proutty Ride that has 3200 riders each summer, and raises money for the Dartmouth Mary Hitchcock Cancer Center. Hey, it runs along the Connecticut River…how steep could it be? Oh, naive kids we were…
Weather predictions were great…low of 61, high 86. We left the rain gear at home, and knew we didn't need anything for extra warmth…big mistake for Bonnie. Saturday morning at 5:40 when we arrived at our take off point, it was 46 degrees. Now I have enough fat on me to handle the wind chill on the long descents when the equivalent temperature felt like it was about 35 degrees, but those of you who know Bonnie know she doesn't have the advantage. I knew she was in trouble when she told me her teeth were chattering, and that her hands were so cold that she could barely change gears at times. With the forecast of 61 degrees as the low, we of course left home without even our full-fingered cycling gloves.
The hills were not steeper, but much longer than any we had trained on. The downhills were windy and not in great shape, so it wasn't quite safe enough to make up a lot of time there, either. But it surely was beautiful! Weeds and wildflowers living effortlessly together, looking much better in nature than on our front lawn, corn fields, general stores…and quiet. Worth all the hard work just to experience it all.
We did love this one scene that we encountered in Piermont, NH, which reminded me of growing up in New England, always within radio distance of Red Sox Nation!
In the end, though, we all know that motivation matters. We were always fueled by the thought of the kids for whom we were cycling.
Thanks again to all of you for your support, and don't be bashful if you feel an overwhelming itch to do something now…as the commercial goes, just do it!
Have a great rest of the summer, Everyone!
Dave and Bonnie
  • For additional information on Sarnelli House or on the CeboRide visit 100% of the donations are transferred to Friends of Sarnelli House UA c/o Fr. Mike Shea. All donations are tax deductible.
  • Checks should be made out to : Friends of Sarnelli House UA and sent to Maggie Shea and sent to: Ceboride, c/o Maggie Shea, N5350 Ledgetop Dr., Fond du Lac, WI 54935

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