Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ceboride Recap...we made it...thanks to everyone!

Update on Ceboride!

We made it!  Thanks to all of you who have already given Sarnelli House your support.  If you haven't, but would like to, there's no statute of limitation on giving to this year's effort!  The information where to send your checks is at the end of this letter.

Once we decided to do our Ceboride in the Boston area, Bonnie and I decided that we could simplify (who were we kidding?) the trip if we found a 10-mile circuit around our home and did it 10 times.   It sounded like a great idea.  We could stop at our house to recharge and wouldn't have to hire someone to follow us around in case of lung/heart failure, or other mechanical delays.

Since we live right along Commonwealth Ave. and the three major hills known as "the heartbreak hills" of the Boston Marathon, we took the good with the bad.  Bicycling near home meant climbing the three heartbreak hills 10 times, but we were repaid with the exhilaration of also riding them downhill.

As expected, the heat wave continued, with temperatures in the low 90s.   At 5:30am however, it was still cool and beautiful.  We got the first three 20-mile circuits done by about 1pm.  At mile 60, however, we felt as if we had already done the 100…we were a bit less resilient, so the heat and sun felt both intense and irritating.  But when we finally got to mile 80. we took the opportunity to refuel and finished like horses galloping back to the barn.

As soon as we finished, flushed with our accomplishment (I only hope that no serious rider is laughing himself/herself sick right now reading this…), we called Bonnie's son in Wisconsin and found that they had finished 40 minutes ahead of us, even though they had started an hour later.   We were crushed!  Naturally, we looked for a way to save face, which we found.  We noted that there were 7 stop lights each way (and many more stop signs!).  7x 20 = 140 stop lights...that's a lot of lights to wait for!  We comforted ourselves that this waiting had to be the "delta" in times.  With our pride restored, we happily limped to a local greasy spoon, and ordered all the foods that usually evoke guilt and indigestion.

Thanks again for bearing with us!

Dave and Bonnie

For additional information on Sarnelli House or on the CeboRide visit www.ceboride.com.  100% of the donations are transferred to Friends of Sarnelli House UA c/o Fr. Mike Shea. All donations are tax deductible.

Checks should be made out to :  Friends of Sarnelli House UA  and sent to: Ceboride, c/o Maggie Shea, N5350 Ledgetop Dr., Fond du Lac, WI 54935

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