Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Re: Final Wrap-up from the NCAA's...Special thanks for all of yoursupport through the year!

Dear Coach Fish and Coach Rueb,
Reading about your exploits (and dinner speeches) from afar here in Northern California, I believe I can feel some of the chemistry and magic that you and the lads created -- and held -- during the season.
You were more than kind to mention me (as one of your Big Fans), and giving me a chance to meet these good guys between matches there in San Luis Obispo. I take special delight in seeing a Harvard team knock off one of these California, where they have the year-round season and easy weather; but not necessarily more competitive... and their grades are not always as good as ours.
See you guys next year, and thanks again for delivering such a fine season.
Hank Holmes, 1957 (once described by Freshman Coach Corey Wynn, as "the depth of the squad" in my time...)

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