Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Capping off a great weekend at Columbia...last note from freshman Tim Wu

Sunday January 27, 2008 – 2:06 pm

We're sitting in the lobby of the Columbia tennis center, waiting for the rest of the guys to shower up so we can get out of this place. Another strong day, with Harvard winning the A draw (Clayton) and consolation doubles (Nguyen/Omodele-Lucien). Most importantly, Harvard Men's Tennis capped off the weekend with the Sportsmanship Award, which some would argue is the most important.

Overall, I thought the trip was good, at least for me. I suspect everyone else also was happy to get some matches in. We've got a few more days to polish up, then one more scrimmage, and then dual match season kicks off on Friday against William & Mary. This weekend will be a good springboard for us. I've got a good feeling that the team is ready to kick some (Editor's omission) ___.

But this, my friends, is where we must part. A sad farewell, I agree, but the other freshman must experience the joys of blogging. I pass the torch on to William Fleming Guzick, who will undoubtedly give a much better account of next weekend than I have of this one. Hope you all haven't hated this.


Till we meet again,

Tim Wu

Dave's note:
Clayton defeated teammate Sasha Ermakov, who had quite a day on Saturday, winning two three set matches to reach the finals. Nguyen and frosh Omodele-Lucien d. teammates Clayton and frosh Guzick, so there was a lot to be grateful for on the Harvard side...

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