Thursday, August 30, 2007

Alumni Notes:

In addition to the obvious kudos due James Blake for his incredible summer, runner-up finish to Federer in the Cincinnati Masters, and #6 seed at the U.S. Open, congratulations are also in order for Dan Waldman '77 of Washington, DC. Dan is a humble guy and would have been (even more) embarrassed if I had sent this out independently from other team news.

Dan, Captain of my first team at Harvard in 1977 (and long-time board member of the Friends of Harvard Tennis) won the Men's 50's in the Senior Worlds Individual Championships, in Antalaya, Turkey, on Saturday May 5th. Waldman became the lowest seeded winner of the day as he defeated Frenchman Michel Galey. Waldman took the first set 6-1 and had to battle back in the second set for a tiebreak. Galey saved 7 match points before Waldman was able to defeat the Frenchman 8-6. More details at:

Dan, pictured above after winning the 1977 Princeton Invitational over South Carolina's Chris Mayotte
and now, 30 years later, in Turkey! Also pictured is David Benjamin '66, long-time Princeton coach and still Executive Director of the ITA, presenting the trophy.
If you could see Dan hit now, you'd swear (at least from a little distance), that he was still one of the players on our team. Not an ounce of fat on him!

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